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    So I emailed the company SoftwareForMe a few weeks ago and suggested they release their app PhonyMyPC for the PB. I got this reply back from them today:

    Hi xxxxxx,

    FYI: Thanks to your suggestion, we did a little leg work and decided to submit to RIM App World. We submitted the app nine days ago and are merely awaiting approval from RIM.

    This is a great remote desktop software and I'm glad to see support from the developers.
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    03-14-12 05:28 PM
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    Awesome, I must have said it about 100 times now but it's really great to see developers finally actually recognizing the PlayBook as a tablet they'd be smart to develop for.
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    03-14-12 05:49 PM
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    A lot of the wording (OP and on their website) sounds like an Android port, although it also sounds like it will have been thoroughly tested rather than rushed - and they even make mention to the PlayBook on their website!
    03-14-12 06:10 PM
  4. ad19's Avatar
    I agree, from the sounds of it the app will be an android app.
    03-14-12 08:05 PM
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    The app is now official in App World, do a search for PhoneMyPC. This is a great alternative to Splashtop or RDP. You can access the webcam and microphone to get a live view of what your camera is pointed at.
    03-20-12 05:55 PM
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    I emailed to check whether it was native or Android and got this reply:

    It is the Android version with a few subtle changes to make it more compatible with the Playbook.

    I have personally used it on the Playbook quite a lot now, and I can tell you that it runs perfectly and performance is as good or better than similar tablets (such as the Kindle Fire).

    Until many users requested that we make it available on the Playbook, we had not used that particular device much. Now, I'm hooked; it's the best tablet I've used.
    03-26-12 03:27 PM