1. jazrotorman's Avatar
    I know there is a post already for the issue where it is slow to change from Landscape to Portrait, but does anyone have experience with Repligo or similar in this regard?
    I know there are many posts where people are not happy with the Adobe PDF Reader as it doesnt have writer functionality.
    I am not too concerned with that (or book marking - thought that would be a nice extra), I just want an app that can read my PDF files and not have the annoying delay when changing orientation.
    I have tried the trick that someone on this forum suggested: change the orientation of the device and double click. That didnt seem to do anything for me.
    My iPad changes from landscape to portrait with hardly any delay(and that is with the exact same PDF files - that range in size between 30Mbs to 150Mbs), so I wonder if another PDF reader can do this seeing as we have beefy hardware in the Playbook.
    02-24-12 10:08 AM
  2. jazrotorman's Avatar
    For those that want to know: Repligo is just as slow to change orientation as Adobe PDF Reader on the Playbook.
    02-25-12 07:24 AM