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    This game is ported from Nokia platform.

    Simple logic game with sliding bricks.

    Game rules
    A board game, based on idea of BrickShooter. This board game presents colored boxes in the center of the playing field. Outside the playing field, a single row of colored blocks is placed in random order. You can slide these blocks and they will stop, when hitting boxes located in the center. When two or more blocks of the same color are side-by-side, they disappear. Clear the playing filed to win.

    - BB10 or PlayBook with OS 2.1.0

    - english
    - russian

    upd: added free (ad-sponsored) version

    SkidStone @ BB AppWorld
    SkidStone Free @ BB AppWorld
    SkidStone @ Nokia Ovi Store

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    I've added a free version of the game - it's now available at BB world.
    02-24-13 11:37 PM

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