1. MattBerry08's Avatar
    Anyone having the following issue : occasionally I'll get an upgrade message on one of the apps in app world, click upgrade, then I have both the old and new versions and icons (and both work!?)... If I click uninstall and the new one goes away, but not always the old one. Its happened twice now, and I cant figure out why it happens sometimes and not others (mostly they seem to upgrade without a quirk!). Fully deleting the App then reinstalling seems to fix the issue. Minor annoyance, just a quirk of early OS vs App World itself I'm sure. (running, happened 1x on this, 1x on .1710).
    05-04-11 10:09 AM
  2. TheMarco's Avatar
    I had this happen too one time.
    05-04-11 10:47 AM