1. naudurivsm's Avatar
    Any PB user have used this app called PanchangHD.

    I have used it and it is nice at the outset. I was really looking for such an app. The graphics are really good. and navigation is also good (going back and forth and transitions to other pages etc). It has daily predictions based on your sun/moon signs etc.

    it needs improvement on the following, and here are my observations:

    --- users must be able to save the geographical data (country/state/city) so that one need not enter it every time you use the app on a daily basis. by default the app sets the location to India. but if user can change it to their current location.

    --- nice to have will be weekly/monthly predictions based on sun/moon signs.


    If you have used please share your experiences.

    Please Note : Panchang is a daily almanac kind of information mostly used by Indians (Asian) for religious and other purposes and to know the good/bad times for certain activities on a daily basis.
    06-13-11 07:48 PM