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    Quick question with regards to sideloading Android apps. I've spent the past two days researching the forums and haven't found anyone addressing or answering it in any post. I have, in the neighborhood of, 120 Android apps for my Droid X. Some of these are paid and others free. I've tried to sideload using BBH and while I can convert from .apk to .bar, it will not install to the Playbook. I assume this is due to the fact I'm an Average Joe with no signing keys and I don't feel like repurchasing apps. I've also attempted with DDPB and received "881 required signatures missing."

    Basically my question is threefold.
    1. Is there another way to transfer my free and paid apps to my Playbook?
    2. If signing keys are required, is there a bypass?
    3. I refuse to repurchase my apps. If I feel these apps are necessary, would it be more beneficial to install Ice Cream Sandwich or even Jelly Bean (when it comes out). I do enjoy the UI for the most part.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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