09-16-12 02:15 PM
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  1. playbookster's Avatar
    dj mass transit? aint that a real dj? is that you?
    09-13-12 04:03 PM
  2. 9of13's Avatar
    dj mass transit? aint that a real dj? is that you?
    no. that's not me. I just like that name cause I'm always on the subway. lol. maybe I should think "DJ A-Train?
    09-13-12 04:10 PM
  3. world saviour's Avatar
    Other than the tutorial, i think there might be one on their website. I'm not sure.....

    What I did was take what I learned from the tutorial and play around with it with other features. To you and djrupey, there's also YouTube videos with demos posted by pacemaker. Check those out too.

    You ain't the only one! I bought it when it first came out. I use it so much at home, on the bus, on the subway, even on the Staten Island ferry that, in my mind, I'm called "DJ Mass Transit"! Lmao!

    There's no "continuous play" feature. It's a DJ system mentioned to mix music manually.
    Had to play with it and now I can't stop trying to figure it out. Hung out with a few dj's back in the day. They would have loved this.
    09-13-12 09:52 PM
  4. macbodock's Avatar
    So, where are the user instructions? I have Text Help toggled on. No help to be found anywhere except for the instant tutorial, which covers only the basics.

    Listen up developers. If you want me to pay 20 for an app, I want a proper user guide. Until then, forget it.
    Take a look at the tutorials on the Pacemaker site:

    Tutorials | Pacemaker

    App is really cool... Hope this helps you...

    Kind Regards,

    09-14-12 05:30 AM
  5. djrupey's Avatar
    I appreciate the replies to my moan but it really shouldn't be necessary to find out how an app works by trawling YouTube, trial and error, or asking on forums. The Pacemaker website tutorials are basic at best. There are controls on the app that appear to do nothing or don't result in the expected actions. I'm not a professional DJ and never will be if I have to rely on apps that expect you guess how they work.

    Look, the app developer is trying to sell us something that may be a bargain by DJing terms, and I acknowledge that it is very good, but by general app standards it is very expensive. One way to sell a product is to ensure that users can make the best of it by providing a set of instructions telling us what each control does and how to invoke it. Not bothering to do so will inhibit sales.

    If by a process of trial and error discovery I find that Pacemaker does everything I want of it, I will buy it. But a simple web page or built-in Help explaining exactly what each button does would make the buying decision so much easier.

    In the meantime, thanks again to those who have offered suggestions for assistance.
    09-16-12 02:15 PM
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