1. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    Just installed (and upgraded) Pacemaker that seems to be a nice piece of softw.
    I experienced several crashes (self-close to be more specific) when using it heavily.
    I'm running PB OS2.1 beta, so it may be the cause. Are you experiencing the same (and what OS are you on) ?
    06-15-12 09:58 AM
  2. f1mx's Avatar
    I'm also on the Beta OS and experienced the crashes. I found that it may have something to do with bad quality files having lots of filters on them. I could play with the app for a long while using the samples installed, but with my own files I had quite a struggle.

    I agree that it is an awesome app, but guess I won't be able to truly enjoy once the official 2.1 is released
    06-15-12 10:13 AM
  3. joski's Avatar
    I agree, I'm on beta and I get Pacemaker poofs. It doesn't BOTHER me, because it re-loads quite quickly, and I understand I'm running a beta OS, but the app will be amazing AND solid on an official OS.

    I'm curious about the outcome of this thread: http://forums.crackberry.com/playboo...emaker-730265/
    06-15-12 10:41 AM
  4. ShushUAE's Avatar
    I'm still on 2.01 and no issues with any crashing whatsoever. Seems to be very stable so far
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    06-15-12 02:17 PM
  5. joski's Avatar
    I'm still on 2.01 and no issues with any crashing whatsoever. Seems to be very stable so far
    I'm beginning to regret running the 2.1 beta just because of the poofs! Pacemaker crashes constantly for me, but running beta, I'd never complain or submit a poor review because of it.
    06-15-12 02:56 PM
  6. jeroen_13's Avatar
    2.1 Beta = Unstable
    06-15-12 03:47 PM
  7. velociraptor89's Avatar
    I just recently downgraded from 2.1 to 2.0.1 and experiencing crash too on heavy use.
    06-15-12 04:57 PM
  8. spotlightLQ's Avatar
    I also have 2.1 beta....I have found if you let pacemaker read the track first. aka (the lines above the turntables) it doesn't crash when you Load the track again (only need to read the track once to complete). To find out if pacemaker has read the track already, close the app and press load track, if there is a length and bpm on the imported track its done....

    seems to work with me and hasn't crashed nearly as much. hope this helps!

    Edit: sorry my bad after closing the app....you need to restart it.....but im sure you already knew that.... :s
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    06-15-12 05:12 PM
  9. WTangoFoxtrot's Avatar
    Count me in, 2.1beta and I've had a few crashes in my first 24 hrs. Doesn't bother me too much though, requirement for beta is to be okay with instability which I am (and the crashes are infrequent)
    06-15-12 06:35 PM
  10. spike12's Avatar
    I've had a couple crashes,but have found that starting on a fresh reboot helps.
    06-15-12 06:39 PM
  11. cjterminator's Avatar
    Still on 2.0.1, never upgraded and no crashes so far, very stable. Never felt so close to being actual DJ
    06-15-12 09:22 PM
  12. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    Thanks to all for replies.
    I bet I'll downgrade to 2.0.1 soon ... you can't imagine performing poofs in public ! lol
    Also, I read in the meantime that you can leave the app open (say for a night) and thet it'll perform an automatic scan (means: bpm scanning for instance) of files available. Testing right now, I'll be back to tell.
    06-16-12 07:23 AM
  13. ShushUAE's Avatar
    Just been in the Apple shop in Dubai demonstrating Pacemaker on the PB to the staff and customers through an iSpeaker. Awesome and memorable to see their faces whilst I looped and warped their minds
    06-16-12 07:48 AM
  14. Zwickliffe's Avatar
    Official OS 2.0.1 here and I've experience multiple crashes. Mostly when I try to scratch or play in reverse.
    06-16-12 08:24 AM
  15. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    FYI : I confirm that if you leave the app open (if running background, be sure that you're in demo mode), available music files are scanned "under the hood". This might be an explanation. Not tried again yet. Will edit later.
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    06-16-12 11:25 AM
  16. webadpro's Avatar
    I'm running 2.0.1 and Yups, when mixing a lot with it, and trying to scratch or backspin, the app just closes on me.
    06-25-12 11:46 AM
  17. OniBerry's Avatar
    Aside from having to reboot my PB after I add or delete any media (songs), I am having a lot of fun with this app. No crashes yet. (OS 2.1 also)
    06-25-12 12:08 PM
  18. joski's Avatar
    Aside from having to reboot my PB after I add or delete any media (songs), I am having a lot of fun with this app. No crashes yet. (OS 2.1 also)
    Man, I wish I wasn't getting any crashes!

    I'm beginning to think it has a lot to do with letting it fully analyze the music library on the PlayBook before even using it. Pacemaker to me is more apt to crashes when the track isn't analyzed at all
    06-25-12 12:14 PM
  19. OniBerry's Avatar
    PM wasn't even finding my music (that I loaded) until I cycled the power, so there may be something to what you posted.

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    06-25-12 12:43 PM
  20. spike12's Avatar
    I found the same pattern.. Having the program scanning the tracks while you're playing music definitely increases your chances of a crash.. I usually find restarting and memory eating before playing helps prevent them.

    Also does anyone notice slow load times after a while of playing? I notice that a large chunk of memory gets taken up that i can't clean up even with memory eater. It also seems to lead to more crashes when this is happening.
    06-25-12 12:49 PM