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    Pacemaker and RIM have announced a partnership at MWC and Pacemaker will be bringing their app to the PlayBook.

    You can check out the announcement on their Facebook page. But beware, the Apple fanbois have a strong pressence there and aren't too happy but are happy to bash RIM and the PlayBook.

    There is an article written up on BerryReview here

    n case you have not heard of the Pacemaker before here is a brief explanation. The Pacemaker is/was a very popular portable DJ mixing accessory that let you mix digital music anywhere you are. Now Engadget got word via Pacemakers Facebook page and a press conference at MWC with RIM that Pacemaker is porting their technology to the PlayBook. Here is their announcement from their Facebook page:

    Today we proudly announced a partnership with RIM / BlackBerry at a press conference at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
    As a result, were porting the technology of Pacemaker Device onto the BlackBerry PlayBook.
    After investigating a wide range of mobile platforms to make a digital transition we selected the PlayBook due to its highly responsive user interface. DJs requires very low latency and the PlayBook delivers very well on that aspect.
    For those who dont own a BlackBerry PlayBook please stay tuned as we have future plans for other platforms as well.
    Btw, our next stop will be the South By South West festival in Austin Texas, so if youre there, let us know

    Very exciting stuff. Now this is one app I cannot wait to play with!
    02-29-12 05:27 AM
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    good to know Apps are coming..

    just curious. Is this a popular app? only 2k likes on FB
    02-29-12 06:08 AM
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    Can you imagine a DJ app with Confetti connection? You could have one PlayBook for balance controls, one for out put and then multiple PlayBooks for track mixing into the final output.
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    02-29-12 07:11 AM
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    On their Facebook page they are saying there will be an announcement soon. I'm thinking they will release it within the first half of the year, hopefully sooner rather then later.
    04-16-12 01:23 PM