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    Many of my downloaded and sideloaded apps 'reinitialize' after a Playbook restart or after they disappear from the Android dock in the Android player when it seizes up for a while. This is not a big deal for some of them, but for Kindle and Overdrive it is a significant issue. For Kindle, it means that I am always asked to 'register' my device when I start the app and this keeps adding to my list of Kindle devices at Amazon (e.g. Android1; android2; etc.). I can go in and manage my Kindle Account and deregister these devices, but it is a hassle! Moreover, I have to keep re-downloading the books I want to read on my Playbook.
    The same difficulty arises with Overdrive where I have to reauthorize every time, re-register my favorite library and reload the books I've borrowed - thus losing my reading location and any bookmarks. Anyone else experiencing similar problems or, even better, found any solutions to such problems?
    By the way, the downloaded books from Kindle and Overdrive are still on my Playbook at all times since I can see them with my file managers........
    02-29-12 11:26 AM
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    post deleted
    Actually, I really like my Playbook (l've catalyzed the purchase of four more in my immediate family). I was just looking for some help/suggestions, not planning on starting a flame war!
    02-29-12 06:40 PM
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    I personally love mine! Works great for most things i want to use on the net! And the apps are getting better! I have had very few frezzing and crashing. Issues Loving the new keyboard
    02-29-12 07:07 PM