1. emale's Avatar
    I just posted this as a comment at information week but thought I would share it here as well. It pretty much sums up my experience thus far with the playbook, my son showed me the potiential of BB tablet OS 1.0

    If you want to play the app game then consider this. Playbook is the clear winner with well over 1 million apps developed in flash that are immediately available on launch of the device. I am sitting here watching my son play his games on andkon.com he just turned to me and said: "You know what dad? The playbook is better than the iPad!" (His mom has an ipad already) I asked him why and He was amazed that he could goto all his websites like andkon.com (Over 1000 free flash games there) and play any game there in fullscreen (we found double-clicking on the flash app makes it fullscreen) He said the andkon app for ipad fails in comparison to just being able to goto the site and pick any game (He is 8 years old) no word of a lie while I am typing this sentence he just proclaimed it was better than the computer. I am sold on the platform they are developing here. I will wait for the email and calendar etc because I know when it comes it will work better than anything else. The key is the QNX operating system undernearth and the hardware. Its Solid, fast and easy to use, All the reviews say that. Video looks increadible too. So crisp. I though the web os was good for video but goto youtube and stream a video on your bigscreen tv and you will see what I am talking about.
    04-19-11 07:11 PM
  2. jessi449's Avatar
    i have a two year old and had a very similar experience! He was able to play all his thomas the train, nick jr, and disney flash games, plus play videos and play music from the sites as well. We had fun
    04-19-11 07:19 PM
  3. Playbook2011's Avatar
    My son is also playing his flash games (not sure if I'm going to get my playbook back).

    RuneScape on the other hand doesn't work (needs Java).
    04-19-11 07:21 PM
  4. lolaisodd's Avatar
    Kudos to sharing your experience. The need for "applications" is somewhat overrated and made popular to supplement a lack of supportability of flash. New computers are first bought with minimal apps but worked all the same. Sure it is nice to have Facebook and Twitter apps but do we need them? You could just use the web browser to go right to the website and do what you need.
    04-19-11 07:24 PM
  5. zensen's Avatar
    whilst us adults might be all. WHO needs flash!!!! but really its a great thing to have and hopefully with more optimisation, it'll keep getting smoother. The fact is there are many flash sites that are entertaining especially for kids and considering its so easy to turn off, you're not compromising anything.

    I'm with you, its definitely a plus and I can never understand the negativity esp from iphone/ipad users.

    I've also been hearing that if a website doesn't have an app ready for deployment, it doesn't matter, the full website works well. the bigger screen does help lessen the need for them and with HTML5 taking off, that helps even more.
    04-19-11 07:40 PM