1. portal's Avatar
    I can't seems to find the video store app that is featured after upgrade to OS 2.0. Did I miss anything? Do I need to install it manually?
    02-22-12 10:57 AM
  2. rennigeb's Avatar
    I think that's US only.
    02-22-12 11:03 AM
  3. Strider2112's Avatar
    From what I've read it's US only for a little while. I'm not sure why it's not available in Canada yet but it should be coming within a couple months. Hopefully... That was one thing I was pretty excited about.
    02-22-12 11:10 AM
  4. portal's Avatar
    I upgraded the OS using US VPN. I all practical manners, it should be like I am in the US when I upgraded, or have I misunderstood something?
    02-22-12 08:27 PM