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    After upgrading to the official OS2 release, I noticed that a few of my sideloaded android apps stopped working. After doing some digging, @jntrup and I found that there were some permission changes done to the .7971 release that broke some of our apps. MVideo player was the biggest one that we noticed. After doing some playing around, we found that if you load up the latest release, and then extract the sys.android.bar from .7111, you can load that using DDPB and reboot. After that, all of the apps that were broken started working again! If you need the sys.android.bar file, you can use dingleberry to download the core os using the firmware tool and it will be in the firmware folder in your dingleberry directory.
    Just thought I would post and let you all know!
    02-23-12 03:17 PM
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    Link to 7111 sys.android.bar
    02-24-12 10:07 AM