1. xoenik's Avatar
    Has anyone compiled Battle For Wesnoth, OpenTTD, etc. On BlackBerry Open Source ?
    Also, is there still work on the various emulators (snes, gba, etc.)
    The lack of activity by the awesome devs like A7omic, jtokcharuk, and froggyface seems to me that they are either working on something big or nothing at all.
    On a side note, has anyone else worked on the Quake 3 port as well, or at least tried implemeting Quake's control scheme over the current touchoverlay used in the ports we have now?
    02-24-12 10:49 PM
  2. Dillbert71's Avatar
    This is odd, Wesnoth seems to be ready for playbook on here, but i've never seen it mentioned as working on the forums before.
    02-25-12 10:47 AM