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    Hi Everyone,

    RIM has posted a new article on Open BB News Open BB News | Open Source News on BlackBerry, PlayBook, BBX, and related topics that details what is needed to build dosbox, where to get it and how to do it.

    For anyone thinking of working with the NDK but don't know where to start I highly recommend this.

    There are many other articles on this site that you may find useful.

    For instance if you have not installed the NDK yet there is another article further down called Hello NDK beta 2 Step by Step.

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    01-10-12 01:43 PM
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    There's already a thread here where dosbox has been worked on, and a post on running windows 95 on it on OpenSourceBB.com
    01-10-12 10:54 PM
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    Yes I am quite aware of that thread

    I decided to start a separate thread because this is directed more at those less experienced developers out there that are interested in developing native apps for the playbook but don't know where to start.

    Perhaps I should have left dosbox off of the title.
    01-11-12 08:24 AM