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    When I use files-and-folders or stuff or air browser to click on something... Say an mp3, it offers "open with application, but it defaults to what looks like the video player (or at least a player with no playlist and no features or swipes) , not the stock music player, or to winamp which I'd like it to, and there seems to be no way to change it.

    Does anyone know of a place to change defaut settings for application associations?

    It's no big deal, but would be nice to have mp3's open in better app.

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    WinAmp? Boy, It's been a long time I don't hear of that... Android app on OS2 I take it.

    Well, the PB will use the default app to open files, you can't to set which you want as of now (maybe - BIG mybe - when OS2 hits).

    Let me see what you mean by "a player with no playlist and no features or swipes". Back in a swipe...


    I'm running .6067 and they open were they should. Music use the Music app and videos run in the Videos app. I guess it is one of the many reasons why DEV BETA should be expected to work as a user beta. Soon to be fixed by the OFFICIAl version thou. Just sit tight.
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    The PlayBook OS decides which app opens which file.

    Files that belong to the pre-installed apps (Music, PDF, Office etc) should open in the correct app, as defined by the OS, but third-party apps can't register file types. Neither a user nor an app can choose which app opens which file. There have been some discussions about this on the developer forums, but RIM has't yet built this into the OS.
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