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    My Bridge mail has generally been terrific, but I do get some hangs from time to time. By process of elimination, I have learned that it is my Verizon POP3 account that hangs. My work Outlook Exchange Server account and my Blackberry account operate smoothly. If I go into the Bridge settings and View Folder, I can see mail I've sent from the Verizon account, and I can also see spam for the account. Its just the main inbox that hangs. I can send an email from the verizon account from the Playbook, even when it appears to be hanging. If I click on a Verizon mail from the Playbook notification ribbon, the individual Verizon email will display,but when I go to the general inbox its still stuck on the spinning dial.

    My guess is that its some Verizon setting that needs to be tweaked, and that I will have to do it from either my handheld or PC since one of the gaps in the Playbook as currently constituted is its hard to get into the settings of apps and programs. I wish there was some way I could fiddle with Bridge settings from the Playbook. Suggestions would be appreciated. I will likely delete the Bridge and reinstall and reconnect, but it seems to crop up after a few days so I would like to try a more permanent solution if anyone has any ideas. I apologize in advance if this has been covered in another thread, but I couldn't find it with a search.
    07-09-11 02:53 PM
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    If anyone else is bothered by the way Verizon pop3 mail over the Bridge slows down the Playbook email, I found a crude work around that does the trick for me. A long time ago I hid all my individual email accounts on my handheld and used just the main "Messages" which displayed all of my accounts in a single inbox. So I unhid the Verizon inbox so it now sits on the handheld homescreen right next to the main message inbox icon. It's much easier and faster for me to clear out the Verizon inbox on the handheld (a lot of it is ads) before bridging, and it seems to have resolved the Playbook Bridge problem. FWIW.
    08-14-11 11:26 PM
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    My problem is that I receive no emails from my Verizon.net account when bridged. Over a Wi-Fi connection everything runs like a champ.

    I've tried changing settings and even left my PB setup my Verizon account while bridged. The PB will pull in settings and act like it did the job, but it all comes to naught when I clink Save.

    I have upgraded to PB OS and I'm bridging with a Verizon 9550 (latest BB Bridge update installed).
    10-04-12 07:28 AM