1. elbo's Avatar
    It takes a lot of balls or gall maybe to make a 2012 olympic section in appworld and then populate it with about a dozen mostly unrelated apps.
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    08-06-12 06:04 AM
  2. KidCaboose's Avatar
    Well, their Outer Space grouping originally didn't include Galaxy on Fire 2, but 11 other space games. 11. A group fits 12. They had room for one more game to fill that vacant corner space. Now they've filled it, and Galaxy on Fire 2 has the coveted top left corner. But the group is described as "out of this world games", and they've removed some of their previously included space games, and replaced them with space oriented apps. It's painful to want so much for a company, and to see them failing on such basic levels.
    08-06-12 08:22 AM