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    Hello! As a lone indie developer, I'm finding it hard to get information out about some of the games I've developed for the PlayBook.

    This is a great forum, but I don't want to get anyone upset for posting information about a game for sale (or free) but it would be great to get feedback from PlayBook users, especially in this early state of the PlayBook.

    I created a thread asking for permission to post in this forum, but didn't get a reply.


    I then saw a policy of no posts related to game developers, etc, but then browsing this forum I've seen a few other developers starting threads about their games here. And some of the feedback looks to be excellent.

    So...do you think it's ok to post about a game here? If so, should I start a thread for each game or just make 1 thread and update it when a new product is released, updated, or requesting feedback, etc, etc?

    06-06-11 04:59 AM
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    i dont know as long as the bar file isn't full of bad code, but the final factor is upto the mods. the guy posting games is porting games over from websites and stuff. his angry birds port got a cease and descised letter from rovio. the air group is posting beta software to test like amail witch we have yet to see in appworld. but i think it should be fine until the mods say its not :P.
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    06-06-11 05:32 AM
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    Hi - sorry...you misunderstood. I don't want to post any physical .bar files or anything. Just would like to get feedback, ideas, etc, on my new games available from the app store. I've had games out for a month now, and it's a bit rough getting eyeballs and feedback on the apps from end users.

    But placing a .bar file up for download is indeed an interesting idea, that might come in handy for beta testing, etc.
    06-06-11 05:50 AM
  4. drethos's Avatar
    well a specific feed back grab idk, maybe ok i dont see why not. other users have done it on apps they use. i would try it and if you get yelled then you got your answer
    06-06-11 05:53 AM
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    Thx. Hoping to hear from a mod sometime soon as I would like not to get banned. lol...
    06-06-11 06:10 AM
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    Well, I hope you get a reply from a mod soon as well. I would love to hear about your games, especially since you are honest enough to ask for permission to post first!
    06-06-11 07:44 AM
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    You can announce a game and ask for feedback, just don't post an actual ad. I know it's kind of a subtle distinction, but many developers on CB seem to be able to do it to our liking. We will certainly slap you on the wrist if you get it wrong.

    For sure one thing that you can NOT do inside the forum is sell from your own site, which isn't really an issue with PB apps as they all are sold through App World. Also you can not run any contests directly in the forum. HOWEVER if you want to run a contest or giveaway (tough to do with the PB, as you really can't give away the app since App World does not allow gift codes , BUT if you want to give away tee shirts or devices, or anything), you CAN do so from the CB front page via a blog entry (we LOVE contests) by contacting sitesupport(at)crackberry(dot)com.
    06-06-11 07:54 AM
  8. MunsieGames's Avatar
    Awesome! Thank you for the reply. I appreciate the forum allowing this. I realize it's a very delicate issue and I will approach this carefully. oooh... I like the idea of contests, I hope we can gift pb apps soon. Thanks again.
    06-06-11 08:03 AM
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    I want a Ballies teeshirt!!!!!!!!!!! That actually might sell, he ain't Mario, BUT, he's got charisma.
    06-06-11 08:16 AM
  10. MunsieGames's Avatar
    lol!! Or perhaps a Ballies stuffed animal... hmm... t's and stuffed animals...we're on to sumpin here. lol...
    06-11-11 07:57 AM