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    Apologies if this has already been answered but I couldn't see anything while searching.

    Basically I'd like to see a nice list of Android apps officially available in App World (rather than .bars for side loading). And also, is there any official news on apps that are going to be released? e.g I'd like to know "is Kindle going to be released?" "are google going to do google maps" etc.

    It seems that with the 2.0 OS release, RIM are suddenly playing down the Android support, which is pretty stupid. I've been side loading some apps with the beta (which mostly were great and much needed!). But the thing is the average user just wants to download from the official store and isn't going to go through doing it manually, searching forums etc. Surely the point of adding Android support was to persuade new users over and until they can say "we have Kindle, we have Google Maps, we have X/Y/Z public transport app, we have Words With Friends, etc etc", the Android player is just a bit of fun for the techies. Why put all that effort into it if the vast majority of people wont even use it.

    It's like with my old android phone where it was massively lacking in functionality (because Samsung are idiots and butchered the OS), which I as a developer could deal with by flashing the firmware but the average user isnt gonna do that. And even I got tired of occasionally semi-bricking it and relying on some hacker providing the roms and just eventually decided not to use Samsung anymore. That's basically the big Android problem at the moment (you have to hack it to get it to really work on most devices) and it will be a shame if RIM do something similar by only making Android support relevant to hackers willing to put up with the hassle of getting things to run unofficially.

    TBH, I don't know why RIM haven't just persuaded/paid for native QNX versions of lots of these apps, but the Android player is a good interrim solution.

    Amazon have got huge amounts of developers to "port" their Android Market place APKs to their own implementation of Android OS. Amazon Market + Amazon's version of Android OS is fundamentally not that different in concept to App World + RIM's version of Android (its just an implementation of the Dalvik VM) so all those apps ought to be available if they just persuade developers to release them!
    03-04-12 10:12 AM
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    if you want a list make it yourself
    you are asking for a lot and it would be total nonsense or lack of a life if someone did this

    you can search developers like Handster, who submitted a lot of apps.
    03-04-12 12:17 PM