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    so i don't know how else to put this besides:

    how do i make an app?

    just assume that i know how to code, i don't really but i'm making a super simple app. i just need to know....

    what are the basic things i need (like software) to make an app for the playbook? is there a program to help? a basic tutorial maybe?
    05-31-11 07:21 PM
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    not much of a playbook coder myself, but whats your app idea?
    05-31-11 07:51 PM
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    not much of a playbook coder myself, but whats your app idea?
    id rather not say
    05-31-11 08:04 PM
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    Google PlayBook developer program and download the stuff for your platform that's linked there, notably the OS for the simulator, AIR, and Flash Builder Burrito.
    05-31-11 08:30 PM
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    You'll need some cash up front. FlashBuilder isn't inexpensive

    You'll need to learn how to do some basic code in Flash/Air, then expand that knowledge to the "burrito", which is basically the PlayBook-specific functionality add-on to Flash.

    You'll need patience and time if you haven't written anything before.

    Oh - and test on an actual device. The apps that were written before the device was available were tested on the simulator, and many of them fell on their faces when run on the actual device.

    I haven't written anything for it myself, but have written some small apps on other platforms. I don't have the time anymore to learn a new language
    05-31-11 08:37 PM
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    I suggest you start here:

    BlackBerry - Tablet OS - Calling All Apps for the BlackBerry Tablet OS

    Also, you don't have to use AIR. If you write an app with the WebWorks SDK you don't have to spend any money on the Adobe software.
    05-31-11 08:56 PM
  7. louis.keeper's Avatar
    For windows only:

    You might need these to make a very simple application for PlayBook which is display this crackberry.com website:

    1. Java JRE (Choose x64 version for Windows 64bit and x86 version for Windows 32bit): Download here

    2. BlackBerry WebWorks SDK for Tablet OS, Adobe AIR SDK, VMware Player and PlayBook Simulator: All you need is here . After finished downloading, install all of them onto your Windows PC.

    3. (You might not need this if you just want to test it on the PlayBook simulator) BlackBerry Signing Key for Tablet OS. If you want your app can be installed on the real device do this Register here And when you got the Signing Keys from RIM via Email. You will need to follow this Guide to configure the Keys to be ready to use.

    4. Grab an 86x86 in pixel images for the icon for your app and rename it as : yourappicon.png. Best way so far to create PlayBook Application Icon is using this online tool.

    5. Using any text editor to create a config.xml file with the content is similar to below:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <widget xmlns="http://www.w3.org/ns/widgets" xmlns:rim="http://www.blackberry.com/ns/widgets" version="1.0.0" rim:header="RIM-Widget:rim/widget">
        <description>Crackberry on PlayBook</description>
        <author href="http://yourdomain.com/" rim:copyright="2011" email="youremail@email.com">Your Name</author>
        <icon rim:hover="false" src="yourappicon.png"/>
        <content src="http://www.crackberry.com" />
        <access uri="http://www.crackberry.com" subdomains="true" />
    6. Zip all these files(config.xml, yourappicon.png) into 1 zip file: YourApp.zip

    7. This step is packaging your app without signing. This will be used for testing on the simulator. It will package and produce a YourApp.bar file

    Using command line to run (Start Menu > Run > Type cmd and Enter) Type this into the pop-up black DOS console:

    <Path-To-Your-WebWorks-SDK>\bbwp\bbwp YourApp.zip -o <Path-To-Your-App-Distribution-Folder>
    8. Now deploy it into PlayBook Simulator:

    java -Xmx512M -jar  <Path-To-Your-Webworks-SDK>\bbwp\blackberry-tablet-sdk\lib\BarDeploy.jar  -installApp -launchApp -password <playbook-simulator-password> -device <playbook-simulator-ip-address> -package <Path-To-Your-App-Distribution-Folder>\YourApp.bar
    Hope this is not too hard


    PS: Please correct me if there is any incorrect information.
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    06-01-11 02:50 AM
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    If you want to go with an AIR app, instructions can be found here:

    BlackBerry - Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR Development Resources

    Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 can be freely installed and used for a 60-day trial period.
    06-01-11 10:18 AM
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    damn louis that looks great, just wish i was on a windows!
    06-01-11 11:32 AM
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    damn louis that looks great, just wish i was on a windows!
    Most of the part are same for both Windows and MAC. The only difference is you need to use BlackBerry WebWorks for Tablet OS MAC version to package and install onto the simulator or real device.

    So far BlackBerry is not MAC-Very-Friendly. If you still love to create something for BlackBerry and PlayBook, you need a Windows box or wait a little bit longer for the NDK. I saw TAT guys all do jobs on MAC boxes and I love that
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    06-01-11 09:51 PM