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    After several days of the PlayBook being available, we all still see complaints about "App X is not available" and "Why doesn't RIM have App X available?" It's frustrating to see that people take the time to post here about it but do little else. Checking here every so often isn't going to help.

    While RIM does have selected partners that they work together with to create apps, they don't work with everyone who develops an app nor do they know all of the potential developers who could develop for the PlayBook platform. Provided that RIM has supplied the appropriate tools for developers, it simply isn't RIMs fault if there is not a similar app by Vendor X for their platform. Complaining about RIM here isn't going to help. It is the responsibility of the vendor to develop the apps so it really is the vendors fault and RIM can do little else other than to provide the tools and the platform.

    Some developers may be waiting for the PlayBook native development kit for the really cool apps but there's something everyone can do in the meantime.

    Let the vendor know you want a PlayBook app!

    If a vendor doesn't know how big a potential audience they have who is waiting for a PlayBook app, it's not likely to happen. They don't search the web for complaints and they don't necessarily judge market share by hypothetical sales numbers. Your vote really does count here so find an email address and take the time to let them know you want a PlayBook app.

    For smaller app developers who may have other tablet apps, let them know you want an app and send them a link to https://partners.blackberry.com/web/...eveloper-tools Sometimes, they don't necessarily know how to proceed but if they get enough requests, any good developer will look into it.

    It's up to us to push this platform as customers as well so if you are passionate enough to post here about missing apps and you haven't reached out to the vendors, please do. It can only help.
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    04-23-11 08:32 AM
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    i work for a very large hardware company, and i can tell you from experience, since i was the person responsible for bringing this into our company, we constantly search the internet for complaints/wants/needs.

    we use an application that searches blogs, reviews, forums, tech sites, etc...to see what customers are saying or what they would like to see added to our products.

    i can only imagine all the big boys already know what this forum is saying. i know my company does.

    that doesn't mean people shouldn't do what you've asked them to do, obviously it will help. all i'm saying is they probably already know.
    04-23-11 08:50 AM
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    Not only Apps but they need to focus on getting their new OS to function with CITRIX such as GoToMyPC which is widely used by many business users. Currently this OS is not supported and need to be a priority. If these type of user business functions, whether through Apps or just making the OS compatible, then a business user like me will think of it as just a portable game, music and movie player.
    04-23-11 09:21 AM
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    I can't believe they don't even have their own BlackBerry apps yet.

    BlackBerry Travel
    BlackBerry Protect
    04-23-11 09:39 AM
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    I can't believe they don't even have their own BlackBerry apps yet.

    BlackBerry Travel
    BlackBerry Protect
    i think of the most ridiculous that is absent is BBM, wtf????
    04-23-11 09:49 AM
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    04-23-11 09:58 AM