1. arieh's Avatar
    I've been wanting apps from the web services I use the most, but as they've begun to emerge I've realised that I'm not actually downloading them.

    I don't mean games and real applications, but rather apps produced by newspapers, forums etc. I don't need them just like I don't need them on my desktop PC. The browser is doing its job just fine, and a bunch of new apps with their own UIs that don't work when bridged.

    The complaint about "not enough apps" has some justification, but if all the app does is to replace a perfectly good website then I think I won't bother, thanks,
    06-29-11 09:00 AM
  2. mikeygberry's Avatar
    a lot of these apps are just simple rss readers put into a nice package (well maybe not so nice), a lot of the apps out there i never bother with, never did on my previous device. The websites work just as well if not better, there is a post on CB about the facebook app, I use neither as I just cant be bothered with all that stuff but they are more or less the same, but you do have both sides loving one or the other!

    There are some apps which are better and yes justify being an app, the key thing is they are making it convenient for you to get the information you require.
    06-29-11 09:11 AM