1. jooze's Avatar
    i browse through the apps in blackberry.com website with my PC and i find out there are alot of apps available in the website NOT available in my playbook appworld....and i cannot browse the apps in the website with my playbook browser because when i tap on the link the appworld will come out.can someone tell me why?
    02-07-12 02:13 AM
  2. Thunderbuck's Avatar
    At least some of the apps mentioned on these boards are actually converted Android apps, which will run on the 2.0 OS expected in a matter of days. There are a couple of others that have been seen demo'd, but have not yet been released (Zinio, Plants vs. Zombies).

    I also notice that you're from Malaysia; there could be regional restrictions on some of the software you're seeing.
    02-07-12 02:36 AM