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  1. vecharo's Avatar
    it loads!! look fantastic!! downloads books, has built in dictionary...the works. just a little problem-- it force closes when you open a book. ugh. sometimes you can see the menu bar for a second then it closes the book and goes back to your library. the pics show the screen when you download a trial (shows the buy now option) and the library. I thought that the books didn't load because some where from the transition and maybe others were old, hence my downloading a sample from the app. no dice

    this is v. does anyone have a different version bar file?
    here's the link to the file
    Attached Thumbnails Nook for PB almost available on   Nook for PB almost available on  
    12-22-12 07:45 PM
  2. djenkins6's Avatar
    I just tried it, signed up, downloaded the National geographic sampler and could read it. It took two sign in attempts before I could see the two samplers, then as it was loading it came up with a message saying it wasn't responding but with options to force close or wait. I chose wait and it carried on. Try a reboot and see if it works after that.
    vecharo likes this.
    12-22-12 08:20 PM
  3. vecharo's Avatar
    I don't get the choice of wait of force close (as I do with other apps). Just force close. I'm trying another reboot with fingers crossed. I'm encouraged since you are able to read the Nat Geo download !!!
    Worse case I'll delete and try again
    12-22-12 09:09 PM
  4. vecharo's Avatar
    rebooted and reinstalled the file. I still only get force close, no option to wait. did you do the latest pb update? just wondering if the new update is thd culprit.
    12-22-12 11:28 PM
  5. djenkins6's Avatar
    I have the latest PB update .1314, I also recently RMA'd my playbook and this was a brand new one dated 30th November 2012. When it arrived it just did a 37mb update to get to .1088 so there wasn't any junk from older versions.
    12-23-12 05:27 AM
  6. uwpress's Avatar
    I just did the latest OS update. When I try to open a book, I also get only a force close option.
    12-24-12 01:13 PM

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