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    I recently emailed the nogago support about possible playbook development and was happy to receive and email back stating the following:

    "Hey Dave,

    thank you for your massage and your appreciation.
    ...(Some other stuff they included about offline map questions i had, but will skip to the playbook part"...

    Nogago Guide and nogago Outdoor GPS will also be available for Playbook. Right now there's no rollout date scheduled, not yet. We will be proclaiming as soon as possible!

    Thanks for using nogago!


    nogago support"

    This will be good if its like the BB App which supports offline maps, Tracking your different routes and being able to save them for later.
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    Hi Dave,
    there we are with nogago Guide for Playbook...
    nogago.com Blog Archive nogago Guide on BlackBerry Playbook


    Raphael from nogago
    10-25-11 01:43 PM