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    Greetings people, first of please forgive me if this has been covered on another thread. My norbex radio app doesn't play my local radio station. It detects my location as UK and the first time it play US stations, I'm in South Africa, I already emailed nobex support and I am yet to receive a response. I've enabled the application to access the gps. Also my 9900 is doing the same thing.

    Thanks in advance.
    05-27-12 01:00 PM
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    Are you using a proxy or vpn or any thing?
    05-27-12 11:22 PM
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    I'm also having some problems with Nobex. I had the Fan 590 (Toronto Sports Radio -CJCL-AM) set as a favourite, now when I go to play it, it says "Station stream might have changed or is being blocked by your location". I'm in the Toronto area, and not sure how the stream has changed all of a sudden? I can't even search for it anymore, was it perhaps changed in an update?
    05-28-12 01:05 AM
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    First, let me say that Nobex does answer all emails that we receive. If you haven't heard anything in 3 days, please submit again as the virus protection may have decided your email was spam by mistake. Also, some email accounts restrict our answers and they are never received when we do answer.

    From a general solution as I don't have the email address you registered with, the first thing to do is a reboot, restart the PlayBook. If that doesn't help, make sure you have direct internet access and is not only BIS/BES as you cannot stream on these. If you are still having problems, please contact us directly. support@nobexinc.com

    It is suprising, but stations very often change their stream and don't notify us of the change. We have to go and get the information from the station. If there is a station that is not working, please contact us, support@nobexinc.com

    Hope this helps!
    05-28-12 05:03 AM
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    @ Pk it seems to play my local stations over wifi, this seems to be a problem only when I bridge, that's when it only plays UK stations. Also google home page reflects uk when I browse on, any fix? @ Sam thanks, the last time I emailed using my hotmail email address the response was fast. I sent using my webmail.co.za email because that's the one tied to my BB Id and I thought you might need it. Also there's only a few South African stations on the playbook version compared to the smartphone one, any particular reason? Thanks in advance. Will resend my email.
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    05-28-12 06:07 AM
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    I prefer using Nobex Radio instead of going to the station's site. Keep up the good work. Great app.
    05-28-12 06:09 AM