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    Well, this is embarrassing. This evening our newest update was released, SouthernTouch Spades v.1.2.7. Unfortunately, none of the buttons work, which makes it pretty useless. I've removed the game from the AppWorld store, but I can't find a way to prevent existing customers from installing the update.

    I see exactly what went wrong, and I'm working on an update to fix the problem right now. It would be really nice if the AppWorld vendor portal would allow us to roll back an update, but it doesn't. If you're an existing customer, please stay away from the update to version 1.2.7. If you've already upgraded, please don't write a scathing review just yet. And if you're looking for the best Spades game available on any platform, please wait a few more days until RIM approves version 1.2.8.


    Darwin Pinder
    01-03-12 11:30 PM
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    Thank you for the update. I have a question regarding my partners AI in the game; would it be possible for the partner AI to bid 0 (nil)?

    I ask as I was just reading up on the rules of spades and saw that it is legal for both partners to bid nil. If both are successful, the partnership earns a 200-point bonus. However, if both partners fail, the partnership receives a 200-point penalty. If one partner succeeds and the other fails, the bonus and penalty wipe each other out; the net effect is 0 points.

    So I'm curious if the AI would ever bid nil in a game?
    01-03-12 11:48 PM
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    The new version, 1.2.8, has been submitted. Hopefully RIM can get it approved by tomorrow.

    Yes, the computer players can (and do) bid nil. From my observations, one of the AI players (either your partner or one of your opponents) will bid nil between 5% and 10% of the time. I have not played a game on the PlayBook where more than one computer player has bid nil, but it could happen. And yes, the scoring would work exactly as you described.

    Again, thanks everyone for your support, and your patience as well.


    Darwin Pinder
    SouthernTouch Technologies
    01-04-12 08:03 AM
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    Directly PM rhearty at the RIM support forums:
    About rhearty - BlackBerry Support Community Forums

    I once was in the same situation as you, and he was able to pull the bad version and apporve my new good one within a couple of hours. Good luck!
    01-04-12 12:09 PM
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    Thanks for the tip! I've sent him a message--hopefully he'll take care of that for me pretty soon.

    01-04-12 12:47 PM
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    Well, it's done. Version 1.2.8 is available now, and it's a VAST improvement to version 1.2.7. We have brought back an old feature that most people missed--functional buttons.

    Thanks again everyone for your support and patience.


    Darwin Pinder
    SouthernTouch Technologies - Home
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    01-05-12 08:43 AM