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    I'm using a 16gb playbook bought 2 days ago. everything is working fine xcept the bing maps application. On opening , it stays white and at the same time the browser also opens automatically pointing to the bing maps website. the gps is working fine, i have checked it using mapApp and compass. they both are showing accurate location info.
    but bing maps doesnt show anything and it opens the map in the browser without showing any location info.
    is bing maps app not usable in india ?
    any help is appreciated!
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    01-02-12 05:21 AM
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    When I first open Bing it shows a maps of the western US. It is a like a satellite image showing greens, browns of mountains and plains. NO detail until it determines my location. But you only get white/blank. Maybe it does not work in India. But I was able to pan over to India and pinch/zoom in and get detail.
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    01-02-12 09:36 AM
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    I didn't think it was working in India.
    01-02-12 09:40 AM
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    thanks for giving the info.
    does ur bing app also opens the browser automatically and redirects to bing map website on startup?
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    01-02-12 10:21 AM
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    hey i am also facing same problem. i also live in india (greater noida) but i have a question
    when i first opened bing it showed my correct current location but when i closed it and opened it again it shows the same problem as written by you . i also used mapapp but it is not showing my current location can you please help me out. any help would be appreciated
    02-17-12 02:32 PM
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    PlayBook takes quite sometime to get your GPS fix and we faced the same issue when developing Find Near Me for PlayBook too. The solution to this is to keep using the PlayBook outside of a closed building in the open space for sometime and gradually this issue goes off.
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    02-18-12 04:43 AM
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    what is the price of playbook in India now? Maps redirects me to browser.
    02-18-12 05:16 AM
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    what is the price of playbook in India now? Maps redirects me to browser.
    16 GB - 14,000 Rs. (284 dollars)
    32 GB - 17,000 Rs. (345 dollars)
    64 GB - 20,000 Rs. (406 dollars)

    Source : Flipkart
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    02-18-12 06:49 AM
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    02-18-12 08:10 AM
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    thats only because India virtually does not exist....

    (i realize its a terrible joke but i had to get it in)
    02-18-12 09:03 AM
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    Facing the same issue, bought playbook 3 days back. Tried with outdoor. Nothing happens. Same issue with the Kobo app to ver. 1.4.2.
    Sometimes, this makes me regret buying a RIM device... Is there any possible solution of the same.
    05-14-12 07:47 AM
  12. krox1105's Avatar
    I found the fix: go to settings>language>Country/region and change it to US. It should work fine then.
    06-19-12 05:06 AM
  13. srivats_'s Avatar
    use Maverik app from Andriod. (sideload)
    It also uses Bing maps.
    You can cache is locally
    Has offline GPS support
    Very smooth and works well for Indian cities.

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    06-19-12 11:33 AM