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    For those of you whom don't know what a Hava Player is, it's like a Slingbox. They also have a Blackberry phone client. Just received this email from Monsoon on possible support for the Playbook :-( :

    "Thank you for contacting Monsoon Support.

    HAVA will not be supported on Blackberry Tablets.

    Thank you for choosing Monsoon Multimedia."

    This SUCKS!!

    I also have Slingbox on my other TV and I'm going to reach out to them now to see if they have any plans on supporting the Playbook, since they currently support other Blackberry devices.
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    06-19-11 12:01 PM
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    Never heard of it anyway

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    06-19-11 12:07 PM
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    Yeah, I have a HAVA also. Looks like Monsoon has pretty much abandoned the HAVA in favor of their new Vulkano product line. There have been no new software updates for Havas in a couple of years. Only thing we can do is hope the Vulkano player they are working on for the PB will work, but that is going to be a paid app.
    06-19-11 05:54 PM
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    Yeah the Hava software is a pos when compared to the Slingbox software. I think i may sell it and get myself a second Slingbox.
    06-19-11 11:23 PM