1. jpoulin587's Avatar
    I hear people say there are no apps for the Playbook. While it is true that there could be more to choose from, I counted this morning and I had installed 40 apps since I bought mine. Most free, some paid. And the 40 are the apps I have kept. There were a bunch more I tried and didn't like.

    I am happy with the level of apps and the rate at which they are adding new ones.
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    05-13-11 10:43 AM
  2. 3Athlete's Avatar
    I don't really see the amount of apps as too much of a barrier like some do. As long as the device does what you're looking for who cares how many more apps the next device has. I probably wouldn't even use 1% or 0.5% of the apps in the apple catalogue.
    05-13-11 11:02 AM
  3. TheMarco's Avatar
    There are plenty of apps in terms of numbers but there's a LOT of duplicates and 'meh' games among them.

    I still love the potential of the playbook but the lack of Twitter, NetFlix, Hulu, proper email and a bunch of other things really does limit my time using it. But... patience is a virtue, they say
    05-13-11 11:07 AM
  4. mandony's Avatar
    We have 10000000000 apps! NOT!
    How many (bad quality) memo/task pads, calculator/converters, non-functional games.... ya da, ya da do we need?
    With a good acrobat and e-book reader, some controls on camera/photo, then I will be very happy.
    05-13-11 11:25 AM
  5. drethos's Avatar
    were getting the better apps, **** they ported over dillo hill and its glitchy but fun and playable. as things progress will get the 100000000000 fartapps apple has and many worthless apps that android and blackberry os has already. im a proud early adopter and im willing to wait. as it is i annoyed pop-cap to much they won't respond to me even though their tech support sucks. were getting angry birds, bb world showed some games comming like ut and that samuri game that i want lots. **** ut is multiplayer over wifi.
    05-13-11 11:34 AM