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    After seeing a story about News Catcher, I tried the free version and worked ok, so I decided to pay for the full version.

    I began to add feeds and customize the feeds and categories. For a few days this functioned ok, then all **** broke loose. The servers went down and couldn't login any longer, I contacted support and they confirmed the servers were down and once they came back online, I would need to re-register. Finally after several days, I am able to get in, but when I try to add feeds, they already show as installed (even though they are not) or they do not show up in the category. Also I can't add new categories...On Nov 29th I contact support again with all the issues, but haven't heard anything from them in 2+weeks.

    It does not function as promised (it does look great though)

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    12-14-11 08:08 PM
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    I purchased this app when it first came out many months ago and, like you, I have had nothing but trouble with it. It looks good. It's relatively smooth and has lots of features. But Ximad should have NEVER EVER tied this to their server.

    That server goes down frequently - at minimum at least twice or three times a month. And everytime that it does, the app does not work properly. Feeds and customization should be stored on the Playbook itself and not require anyone to log in to some magical server in the World.

    Case in point, last night, I was using it to look at all of my feeds but as usual the server was down, so I simply select the "log in later" button which allows you to still see all your apps. Well, this morning, the server is working so I select "log in" and, per usual, every single feed I have is gone. The app is completely empty. Now, I'm forced to re-add all of my feeds and re-customize everything.

    In short - if you were thinking about this app; I would strongly encourage you NOT to. When it works; it works well. But given the constant server problems, this app is simply more hassle then what it's worth.
    12-15-11 10:01 AM
  3. DrFrancky's Avatar
    I also bought this garbage. From few days ago the app stoped working complete. It does not give me login even. It hangs on :
    News Catcher 
    Please, wait...
    How do i get refund ?

    I bought GeeReader .... EXCELENT APP !!! With excelent support!
    I had problem with geereader on New Year Eve and the guy responded in minutes and fixed my problem.
    01-02-12 06:48 AM