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    i would like to know if anyone else have tried news catcher?

    i was looking for an app that would do the work of flipboard on the ipad and this is the closest app that i found on the playbook,

    nice UI and really easy to customize your RSS feeds and your facebook and tweeter stream.

    i would like to have the option to manually add the RSS URLS because i live in colombia and not all the magazines and newspapers are there.

    what do you guys think of this app?
    09-08-11 03:51 PM
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    I purchased the News Catcher app by Ximad when it was first released (it was pulled from App World in order to fine tune the app according to their Facebook site) and has now since reappeared.

    The app as it is now, compared to what it first was, has improved. It's relatively smooth - although the menus, when they open, are sometimes "jerky". In terms of the UI, it works well given that you can customize your own categories, add rss feeds into these categories, rearrange them by position, and so forth.

    I also like the idea of presenting the RSS feeds row by row whereby you can swipe right and left through the feeds. Incorporating your own facebook feeds into the app is also a nice option; likewise, being able to export a news story to your twitter or facebook account is good.

    The only negative comment I have is what you have already aluded to - you can not manually add your own RSS feeds yet; as such you are forced to use the feeds that they have listed in their search engine. This can be a problem as it is limiting. For example, the only Canadian newsfeed that is listed is the CBC. Crackberry can not be added. PS3fanboy can not be added. And so forth.

    All in all, the fact that it is free (I paid $2.99 when it came out) and created by Ximad which has supported the Playbook quite well to date and has plans to continue to support it (stated on their facebook website), I think it's worthwhile to get this app.

    If, in the future, there is an ability to enter our own RSS feeds or, at the very least, be able to find more RSS feeds via their search engine, this app will have a bright future.

    EDIT: Im just editing a complaint I had; the search engine has changed since when I first starting using the app. You CAN add your own RSS feeds by searching for it manually using the search window. You are not restricted to what is provided in the built in menus. As for Canadian feeds, these are showing up as well - CTV, Global BC, local radio news stations all show up if you search for the name.
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    09-08-11 10:18 PM
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    i found crackberry in their feeds! just use the search feed.

    they have some bugs, but nothung major. i hope they fix they soon =)
    09-09-11 12:20 AM
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    i found crackberry in their feeds! just use the search feed.

    they have some bugs, but nothung major. i hope they fix they soon =)
    Well I have changed my mind on this app. I never did not like the idea that you have to register/create an account with the app in order to save the feeds - basically your profile with the app - considering this information should just be saved on the playbook. Ximad indicates that the reason for doing so is to be able to restore your subscribed feeds in the event that you delete the app and then later on want to reinstall it.

    In theory, this works well, but when the server doesn't work, you are unable to log in. You receive a "unable to connect to server" error message which means that you are no longer able to add feeds to the ones you currently have. Yes, you can view the feeds you subscribed to previously, but if you want to add more and click on the add feed option - you get a blank screen.

    This is a fatal flaw as now you are solely dependent upon the server worker in order to edit your feeds when this should not be the case.
    09-11-11 08:10 PM
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    agree, this shouldbe optional, and it should autologin in background, not to the process every time that the app is opened.

    i hope they can work some more on the app, for me it has future.
    09-12-11 03:59 PM