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    - Does somebody knows with the latest PB beta firmware if you can use Skype Video or MSN Video within an app or with "web application/online" ?????

    Do U know if there others Browsers that you can use with the PB (Firefox or Chrome) where I can use "GreaseMonkey script" ???

    If I can't change the browser, anyone knows how to edit Custom CSS for the PB Browser itself and web sites I use often (For customizing colors background, text, appearance of web page I use regularly, etc...) ????

    I know there is not a lot of app for the PB but have you heard of some about "traging or finance" I will be happy give a test drive ;-)

    If you know some killers app that I SHOULD have, let me know...

    Best Regards
    01-08-12 05:18 PM