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    Longtime Blackberry user, new to Crackberry.

    A little background...
    I own a Bold 9700 and I recently purchased a Playbook this weekend. I am looking to upgrade to an AT&T 9900.

    I need to keep my business mobile so i am starting to integrate technology more. Just a quick question. If I download an app on my Playbook, can I also upload it to my future 9900 or vice versa? Or do I only own a single device license in BB app world, therefore having to buy each?

    Sorry never even bought an app before might even be a dumb question, but believe me it won't be my last.

    Your responses are appreciated.
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    03-21-12 10:34 PM
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    It's not the licensing you need to worry about. It's the incompatibility between the PlayBook software and BlackBerry phone software.

    So you will need to buy both versions if you want the same app on both devices.

    When BB10 comes along this will most likely change though...
    03-21-12 10:43 PM