1. MedChemist's Avatar
    It appears that the latest update had some unintended issues withe the Podcast application. Selecting a podcast from my list now plays all the podcasts. it does not stop after playing the one selected, it instead starts the next one in the list below, and so on. if you stopped a podcast from playing somewhere after splash screen introduction, then later come back and play it at a later time, it plays the splash screen, then skips to where you last stopped.it from playing. It apparently remembers this now.

    On longer podcasts such as those from TED, it just shows runs the splash screen introduction then goes to the next podcast in the list, runs only the splashscreen into then on to the next. It never gets into the actual podcast, unless its a podcast in the list that wasn't downloaded, in which case the podcast plays completely but still isn't downloaded into the list.

    This new behavior is VERY Annoying. Can anyone verify this on their Playbooks?
    07-19-11 11:01 AM
  2. marksasongko's Avatar
    I do not think that I am experiencing what you experienced with the podcast app...
    07-19-11 11:32 AM
  3. MedChemist's Avatar
    With, the Podcasts are still screwed up! They just keep playing in chain reaction order from the list of available podcasts episodes selected, downward inthe list whether I have downloaded them or not. doesn't even mark those that were not originally downloaded as having done so after playing them. Ted podcasts still only get as far as the introduction, then starts the next, again only getting through the into. If you catch it you can get past the intro, into the actual episode, but that is a PITA. I hope they sort the bugs out soon.
    07-21-11 12:49 PM