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    Today I've set up a Twitter account and a Facebook page for Battery Guru.

    You can follow us on Twitter at BatteryGuruApp

    You can "like" us on Facebook and participate there at Battery Guru App. (We can improve that ugly URL as soon as we get the required minimum "25 fans".)

    We'll use these new accounts, along with updates to the web pages linked above, to communicate with users about upcoming features (and to get your input on them), tell you about any problems reported or discovered (none so far!), and also to help educate people about charging problems, how to get more from your battery, and so on.

    I want also to thank everyone who has purchased Battery Guru so far (over 700 to date!). The PlayBook market is not big enough yet for most small developers to consider this a profitable business, but I think things are improving and will reach the point where this really is a viable market. Getting there will need the efforts of lots of developers, but we can only do it, whether our apps are free or paid, with the generous support of PlayBook owners, our wonderful users, i.e. you! Among other things, that means being sure to recommend the better apps to your friends, and I've especially appreciated those of you who take the time to do that. You rock!

    Please leave a review in App World if you like Battery Guru, leave us feedback to help us improve it if you don't, and listen for updates in the above channels if you the app often and are interested in where it will go in future.

    --Peter Hansen, Engenuity Corporation
    11-02-11 03:58 PM
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    @peter9477 - I want to personally thank you for demonstrating a mechanism to retrieve valid data form RIM's incomplete implementation of the magnetometer drivers. Unfortunately, I can't thank him enough because I can only like him one time (in the Facebook sense of the word anyway).

    So I am appealing to all who read this to join the other 12 people who like his new Facebook page. Click the link in the post above and do your thing.

    While I am at it, I would also like to thank HaTaX for providing me with some Java code that I can port to c++ and finally give my app a sense of direction. That's right - I said c++ - I am going to combine the ideas that peter9477 gave me with HaTaX's contribution to write an ActionScript Native Extension that I can use in my app. The alternative would have been to write an inefficient AS3 "proof-of-concept" solution that would have to be thrown away if and when RIM gets around to finishing their driver.

    I am really excited about writing my very first C++ program but I am a bit frightened too. I should be okay though. I was a complete newbie with AS3 in January of this year and I think that What's up turned out okay. With this in mind, I've already downloaded the NDK and I'm off to the races! Wish me luck.

    And to Peter, I hope that you don't mind if I have to ask you a question or two over the next couple of weeks.
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    11-04-11 01:17 PM
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    Hey Peter, I downloaded your app the other day because I'm skeptical and worried my PB Battery might not be working as intended. Is there any way we can learn to analyze these csv reports to know if our battery is actually functioning as intended?
    11-04-11 01:48 PM
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    LuayS, sure, lots of ways.

    You could post questions here (or, at least, in this forum), possibly drawing my attention to it with a quick tweet or post on the Facebook page.

    You could ask me to supply additional documentation on what the various fields mean and how to analyze the data yourself. There's a "good start" (I hope) on the support web page (click the link in the top-swipe menu of the app, then click on the screenshot of the app or the "Read more..." link that you'll see there).

    If you do just want more docs, guidance on what's missing, or how the info could be improved, would go a long way to both helping and motivating me to do it. I meant what I said in the app's description, that I plan to drive a large part of the improvements from user feedback. So far, feedback other than the basic "I like it!" kind (which I certainly appreciate) has been relatively sparse...

    There's one piece of guidance I can start with, which I should expand into at least one "how to analyze your battery" page. Load the CSV into Excel or OpenOffice, and make an X/Y plot of the Level and Voltage columns. Scale it for about 3.4V - 4.2V on the one axis, and 0 - 100% on the other.

    You should see a characteristic curve (ignoring bits of noise) with a large "hysteresis" band in the middle. The shape should be somewhat like an almond or eye shape, with one part of the curve being the charging side (possibly multiple charging cycles) and the other side being the discharging.

    There are a few "typical" problems that can show up there, but this post isn't the place for me to write about it. I'd be happy to take a look at your data, maybe if you try that out and post a screenshot (new thread?). I can expand on the above info at that time.

    Or make a suggestion for some other approach that works better for you, preferably if it lets me help others at the same time (99 birds with 1 stone and all that).
    11-04-11 02:32 PM
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    And to Peter, I hope that you don't mind if I have to ask you a question or two over the next couple of weeks.
    No problem with questions, but you may do better on the NDK side of things to ask others. ;-)

    You might also want to figure out how to use IRC (I installed the free X-Chat2 client) and find the gang on freenode.net at #playbook-dev. There's a continuous presence there now, and a variety of developers and experience levels. Certainly a better place for realtime Q&A than crackberry threads, effective though these can be sometimes.
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    11-04-11 02:36 PM
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    awesome, i'm leaving it running and will plot tonight. I already do have one suggestion, can it run in background?? Sometimes people use my PB and the app gets shut off screwing up the report.

    I'll definitely post my results here.

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    11-08-11 09:12 AM
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    awesome, i'm leaving it running and will plot tonight. I already do have one suggestion, can it run in background?? Sometimes people use my PB and the app gets shut off screwing up the report.
    Very sadly, RIM has so far provided ZERO options that allow us to do anything like that. When an app exits, it's gone, and we can't arrange for apps to run at startup, run in the background, start automatically on a timer, or even be launched by another app.


    Fingers crossed for any feature resembling even part of that to appear in 2.0...
    11-08-11 09:16 AM
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    I can see it being from a security POV but they should atleast offer us the choice to enable it as either a setting or move application to background

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    11-08-11 01:32 PM