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    I have been neglecting this thread, but wanted to let you know that v2.2.0 has been released to App World.

    New features include:
    *Subreddit list updates to comply with user's subscriptions.
    *Vote on posts from within the post view. No longer need to return to the feed.
    *History back and forward buttons have been added in the post view.
    *Bug fixes and improvements

    Hello all,

    I am writing this thread so that I may hopefully raise awareness about an app that I recently submitted to Blackberry App World. This has been my first app for the Playbook, and I had a superb experience working on it, thanks to Rim.

    The app is called Reddit in Motion, and as the name suggests, it allows you to browse Reddit without having to crack open your Playbook browser (as great as it is). I am a redditor myself, and after buying my Playbook, noticed the lack of a good reddit app for the platform. When the free playbook offer to developers was announced, I thought I would fill this void, and develop a free and quality reddit app for those like me who were unable to previously find one.

    If you are at all interested in, or are completely addicted to Reddit, I highly urge you to download and try this app. It is completely free and was made available in App World yesterday. I plan to release frequent updates, and have plenty of new features in the works that I had to postpone in order to submit the app in time for the offer.

    I would love to receive any feedback you might have regarding the app, and am eager to improve it. You can download it from the link below.

    Free Reddit in Motion by Domisy - Download Reddit in Motion by Domisy - Free Apps from BlackBerry App World


    Theodore Mavrakis
    Lead Developer of Domisy Dev
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    03-09-12 04:43 PM
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    This is great! I don't have a Playbook (Just a BB phone) but I am always happy to see Reddit on as many platforms as possible.
    04-15-12 06:38 PM
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    Nice app, would like to see it growing and making it to Cascades too!
    04-15-12 07:40 PM
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    Nice app, but you can only view the first page. Would like to see that fixed. Otherwise great app. Keep up the good work!
    04-15-12 11:33 PM
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    Nice app, but you can only view the first page. Would like to see that fixed. Otherwise great app. Keep up the good work!

    Thanks for letting me know, ill make sure to fix that in the next update.

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    04-17-12 05:20 PM
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    Oh...this app isn't available on my BB Bold 9780. A lot of my friends have the same phone I have, pls try to make one that works in my device!
    08-06-12 09:32 PM