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    Recently while doing dome file cleaning trough my playbook I stumbled upon many png and tmb files scattered trough all my folders. Some of them where from old sideloaded apps or small files this apps save (take blackmart as an example) and are present in the native file manager. Which when browsing thought the Web or selecting a file makes the process somewhat annoying, if not a hassle, to accomplish.

    So again while browsing trough app world I stumbled upon an app by Innovatology (Files & Folders devs) called tiff viewer and got me thinking if it would be possible to create an app that displays only those files types and gives you a multi-select option so then you could delete only the ones not needed or view them and if it could display a thumbnail instead just the name (because most self created png files have weird names like a0z5fn45.. Or something)

    Now im just putting this idea out there for anybody who would like to make it since I don't have the require experience or knowledge, also it would be a much required app since bb10 can also sideload and probably has the same problem. And again since the native gallery viewer does not recognize this files you cannot open them making it almost impossible to delete since you don't know the importance of it. Also some file managers do show the thumbnails for such files but again they cannot open them and they are scattered in different folders.

    Thank you for you time and have a great day.
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    02-08-13 12:00 AM
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    FWIW, in Files & Folders you already can "search for" any file with the .png ending, for instance, and this including through subfolders.
    (consider if you want to scan zillions of files, this, naturally, won't be instant)
    Now I presume all decent file explorers will do it as well...
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    02-08-13 01:21 PM

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