03-22-12 06:33 PM
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    Nah, there's just no challenge in getting money to buy new cars, every time you do a takedown the angle changes and you swerve, sometimes going into a wall and crashing, and when you tap brake to drift the brake pedal gets stuck and your drift gets killed.

    And you're nuts if you think Asphalt 6 has good graphics, it's a step down from Asphalt 5. They pretty much just phoned 6 in.

    I stopped playing when I had 150 stars and 4million in cash.
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    03-22-12 08:13 AM
  2. masqueofhastur's Avatar
    I downloaded it. But I also have asphalt 6 and need for speed so it's nothing major for me but I'm glad more options are becoming available definitely a great sign. The important question is that is this game ported over by BB Apps like the others? Or did Gameloft finally decided to officially support us? I know a moderator claimed they will start porting more games over and officially support the PlayBook however I still don't see a section or any officially documentation on their site that states they are officially supporting us instead of RIM having to license their games and have BB Apps port it over.
    Good question. I'd hope if they're licensing and porting themselves that they would get some better titles. Nova and Lets Golf aren't really covered elsewhere by other companies, but there are other racing games they could try to license.
    03-22-12 06:33 PM
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