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    We just wanted to let you know about the first BlackBerry PlayBook application by Tafasa, the makers of many popular BlackBerry titles including PatternLock, WordSearch and GesturePad! WordSearch XL is a completely redesigned version of our WordSearch game for BlackBerry, made specifically for the PlayBook. The game has a nice interface, large board sizes, high scores and many more.

    Here are some of the features from the product description:
    - Infinite number of puzzles
    - Library of over 3000 words split into 25 different categories
    - 4 different puzzle sizes (8x10, 10x12, 12x15, 15x19)
    - Stores the top 15 best times for each puzzle size
    - Easy to use graphical interface
    - Tons of fun!

    The application is only $0.99 and is available now in the BlackBerry App World.

    Normally, we would give out many free copies of our application to our loyal customers on the CrackBerry forums. However, since the only distribution method is the App World right now, that isn't easy to do. Instead we have a new competition in mind

    Rules: Purchase WordSearch XL and leave a review. It doesn't have to be positive as we always accept constructive criticism (but of course we hope you will love the application!). Send an email to contact @ tafasa.com with the text of the review you have submitted to the App World, and the name of an available Tafasa application you would like to purchase on your BlackBerry Smartphone. Once we verify that the review was actually submitted in the App World, we will send you a coupon to get the application you asked for FREE from the CrackBerry store. Simple! This contest is open for the first 30 reviews only!

    We hope you enjoy the game and look forward to hearing the feedback!

    Visit the App World to purchase: BlackBerry App World - WordSearch XL
    Visit the CrackBerry Store to see Tafasa applications for your BlackBerry Smartphone: BlackBerry Apps - Crackberry Store
    Visit our website for more product information: Tafasa :: Home
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