1. jononku's Avatar
    I've been using the native email on my playbook (with a gmail account) ever since the OS 2.0 update and generally speaking it has worked fine. However, I have noticed that every once in a while that it seems to stop seeing any new mail I have received. Whenever this happens, a restart of my playbook fixes the issue and upon reboot all the new messages come in. Since I have started to notice this behavior, I would say it happens maybe once every couple weeks, sometimes less and sometimes more. It's not a big deal to reboot the PB, maybe I should be doing this more often, but I normally just like to put it into sleep mode.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Is this a known bug, and if so are there any workarounds? Maybe there is a way to 'clear the cache' somehow for the native email app?
    05-01-12 07:54 AM
  2. Denus's Avatar
    Yeah, I had this issue too once.
    After the restart, I received a huge amount of old emails.

    Don't know what to do about it...
    05-01-12 09:26 AM
  3. darthbumdart's Avatar
    I have this issue but only after I take my playbook from home to work (and use that wifi network) and then return home to my own network. This has only occurred after I updated to to OS 2.01. Reboot has been the only cure.

    - DB
    05-02-12 09:00 PM