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    Shape Puzzle is one of the Best Blackberry Apps for Kids

    Appwrod Link: Buy Games for Kids: Shape Puzzle - Download Games for Kids: Shape Puzzle - Buy Games from BlackBerry App World
    Website Link: Games For Kids: Developing best mobile apps for your children
    Category: Children's games

    Description: Are you a parent, who wish to find the best blackberry apps for kids? Simply know that the best blackberry apps for kids like Shape Puzzle help parents keep their children busy, learn and entertain them at the same time! Shape Puzzle belongs to the category of the best learning blackberry apps for kids. So, parents prefer to use this blackberry app for kids game to prepare their children to school.

    This learning blackberry app for kids game improves motor skills of children and provides lots of advantages. There are free and paid versions of Shape Puzzle blackberry playbook game for kids. Full version of Shape Puzzle game includes 7 categories of objects (i.e. transport, furniture and others). However, the trial (free) version of the game includes only 1 category. The names of objects in this blackberry app for kids are displayed and read by a professional actor. With the best blackberry apps for kids like this one children remember new words very quickly.

    A professional child psychologist participated in the development of this blackberry app for kids. All fragments of figures provided during the learning blackberry playbook kids game are multi-colored. The game is easy-to-use and easy-to-play. This game provided in this blackberry app for kids is accompanied by outstanding musical support. Background of the game is selected by a player. Figures are divided into fragments in a random order. Thus, a player can create the same figure in different ways and will never find this process boring. Take advantage of the best blackberry apps for kids!
    11-05-12 08:38 AM
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    Good luck with your app. I do find the description somewhat odd - you mention it is "Android" and I thought that Rim does not allow that type of identifier.
    11-05-12 09:12 AM
  3. iDeus's Avatar
    It is already corrected. I am sorry about this mistake. Now, we are talking about a Blackberry app for kids. Thanks for your notice!
    11-06-12 03:18 AM

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