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    Last night I released my latest app, called PC Keyboard.

    It's for those times where you're sitting at your desk with your PlayBook and you have something of non-trivial length to type. You simply open the app, and then start typing on your PC keyboard. What you type is displayed on your PlayBook and copied into its clipboard so that when you're done typing, you flip back to the PlayBook app you were using and Paste.


    Thanks to those that helped beta test it.
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    07-07-12 06:27 AM
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    Looks useful. Think I'll check it out for a review
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    07-07-12 06:44 AM
  3. madman0141's Avatar
    I remember you posted you were working on this, as promised I will try it.
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    07-07-12 02:35 PM
  4. sjc1963's Avatar
    I would have bought this before but I just got a mini Bluetooth keyboard for my Playbook.
    07-07-12 03:03 PM
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    I just tried it and wanted to tell you good job
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    07-07-12 05:54 PM
  6. suzicat's Avatar
    This looks very useful. Does it require Bluetooth on the PC? I can't tell from the description.
    07-07-12 06:21 PM
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    This looks very useful. Does it require Bluetooth on the PC? I can't tell from the description.
    No. It uses your PCs wifi to connect the keyboard. You have to be near the PC I think.
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    07-07-12 08:29 PM
  8. suzicat's Avatar
    Thanks! I downloaded 2 of Daniel's apps yesterday and will get this one too. Thanks Daniel for the extremely useful quality apps.
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    07-08-12 11:45 AM
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    My Dad discovered a great use case this weekend, which is for those people who only get their work email on their BlackBerry (and thus their PlayBook via bridge). If you need to type a response of any significant length on the weekend (or evening), it is much faster to type it out using your PC keyboard as opposed to your BlackBerry. Bingo, PC Keyboard saves the day. This implies that the app would also be extremely useful as a phone app for those that don't have a PlayBook.
    07-09-12 09:54 PM