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    I am pleased to announce that our latest app, Do Ask, is now available on App World.

    Do Ask is a must-have app for managers, team leaders, teachers, and presenters who need instant anonymous feedback.

    Do Ask is the perfect polling solution for small and medium sized audience. It beats clicker solutions in both price and features (e.g. no clicker at the moment accepts short answers or doodles as responses). The server is baked into the app so all you need is a network connection, which you can create using your phone or router. This means Do Ask works even in environments where Wi-Fi is flaky or non-existent Wi-Fi, an all-too-common occurrence in many classrooms today.

    Do Ask is FREE for up to 8 connected clients. A one-time purchase of the unlock key will let you have as many clients as the PlayBook can handle. Give Do Ask a try and say good-bye to expensive clickers and subscription fees.
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    08-27-12 05:01 AM