1. playbookster's Avatar
    05-05-12 07:52 PM
  2. r0v3rT3N's Avatar
    Will look forward to this!
    Thanks for the heads up!
    05-05-12 10:04 PM
  3. playbookster's Avatar
    Nice to see Solar Explorer featured again
    05-06-12 03:17 PM
  4. Neil B's Avatar
    Yes, RIM have really been great.

    If anyone has any suggestions for features that they'd like to see included in this app, feel free to let me know.

    I'll be posting regular updates on my blog as work progresses too.
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    05-08-12 12:18 AM
  5. playbookster's Avatar
    Its hard to say right now.. maybe you could make a video of your app running in the near future? Id love to launch that north korea rocket that didnt work so well haha
    05-08-12 12:39 AM