1. dpcanada's Avatar
    I have now made a Facebook Page and a Youtube Video to show how my new app Call2Mind works and flows on the Blackberry Playbook. Let me know what you think.

    The Facebook link is:

    The YouTube video for this app is at the link:

    The app has many great features and uses. It works really well on the Playbook too. It is an alternative to just putting a list in a notes app. You can keep track of your tasks. Enjoy.

    05-28-12 04:05 PM
  2. jhimmel's Avatar
    Interesting. Looks nice. I like the idea, and it looks well done. I would ask if a couple of things. First, 20 seems too limiting to me. Might you add the ability for more. Also, rather than have to remember to save each time, could it be made to auto-save changes? Lastly, how about a confirmation on a reset all? Would hate to do that by mistake after holding the reset too long by accident.
    05-28-12 08:19 PM