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    In case you guys need something to help you get through this Wednesday here is a Neo Geo CD emulator for the Blackberry Playbook.


    The controls for this emulator are pretty simple. There is the standard d-pad and 4 control buttons plus a start and select button.

    In order to use this emulator a Neo Geo CD BIOS is required. The BIOS must be named neocd.bin (case sensitive) and be placed in shared/misc/NEOCD/bios.

    The games should be at least an ISO and CUE file each with the same filename (TOC and other file types are not fully supported although the game should be playable with them) and should be stored in shared/misc/NEOCD/iso. There are 2 types of audio in Neo Geo CD games: CDDA and SFX. Some games, like Bust a Move use SFX for all of their audio, in which case no action is required. If the game uses CDDA than along with the ISO and CUE files there will be a set of MP3 files. The CUE file will tell the emulator where these MP3 files are. So, if the game uses CDDA there may be an entry such as:

    FILE "MS2/MetalSlug202.mp3" MP3
    in the CUE file which means that in the folder MS2 (relative to shared/misc/NEOCD/iso) there is a file named MetalSlug202.mp3. The games are completely playable without these files but if you notice that there is no background music where there should be these file names may be the problem.

    If a game doesn't work, before sending me a message please view:

    Chui's DC projects - NEO4ALL

    to make sure that the game that you are playing is supported by the emulator. Although most games are supported there are still some that are not.

    Known Issues:

    - There is no ability to save/load state
    - The icon is the one of the creepiest ones on my Playbook


    BAR file: https://github.com/downloads/tredpat...b-1_0_0_14.bar

    Source: https://github.com/tredpath/Neo4All-pb


    Neo4All is an open source project that is based on NeoCD/SDL.

    Neo4All can be found at:

    Chui's DC projects - NEO4ALL

    and the original NeoCD/SDL project can be found at:

    NeoCD/SDL - The crossplatform Neogeo CD Emulator


    Neo Geo CD for the Blackberry Playbook-screen1.jpg

    Neo Geo CD for the Blackberry Playbook-screen2.jpg
    Oh man, do I ever suck at Art of Fighting.

    Neo Geo CD for the Blackberry Playbook-screen3.jpg
    But Metal Slug makes up for that. What a great game.
    11-21-12 02:56 AM
  2. borceg's Avatar
    Dev question related to porting. Possible to port Secret Maryo Chronicles ? Uses sdl and cegui(which is not ported to qnx yet)
    11-21-12 09:34 AM
  3. Snake785's Avatar
    Great work on the port. It's great to be able to play Puzzle Bobble and Aero Fighters 2 / 3 on my Playbook.

    Aero Fighters 2 and 3 don't have sound and music plays in some levels but the games are fully playable at least.
    11-23-12 09:34 AM
  4. travisredpath's Avatar
    Dev question related to porting. Possible to port Secret Maryo Chronicles ? Uses sdl and cegui(which is not ported to qnx yet)
    It looks like it should be possible but there are some big hurdles holding it back. It uses SDL_OpenGL which is not yet implemented and it has some OpenGL code embedded in it that would need changed to OpenGL es2 code. CEGUI itself shouldn't be a problem, it has a GLES renderer and the rest should work on the Playbook without too much work. After only spending a couple of hours at it I can compile (which is only the first step in the porting process) all of the CEGUI modules relative to Secret Maryo Chronicles (with the GLES renderer taking the place of the OpenGL renderer that SMC actually uses). My OpenGL is pretty rusty in general and I don't have any GLES experience at all so the required changes are beyond what I can do. I also see you asked about compiling OGRE for the Playbook which I do believe that there is a GLESv2 renderer for OGRE which would mean that it should also be possible to port it, but don't quote me on that as I haven't looked into it any great detail.

    Aero Fighters 2 and 3 don't have sound and music plays in some levels but the games are fully playable at least.
    I'm not sure why the SFX aren't working in Aero Fighters 2/3. It is a bit strange. The background music works for me though, just make sure that the cdda files are in MP3 format.
    11-24-12 02:01 AM
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    Awesome emulator nice job!! I made Tophunter and Viewpoint run ( the games that didnt work on the other neogeo emulator: http://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?t=752601) with fully working background sound by editing the cue files and renaming the mp3 files like this:


    For some reason if you leave any space between the names the background sound doesnt work, so if you have a problem with other roms not playing the background sound just rename the mp3 files to lower case and dont leave any spaces, same with the cue file.

    Some screenshots:

    Note: If Tophunter doesnt have background sound after you renamed the files just press select and it will start playing.

    Btw here is the bios for the emulator:
    Last edited by Blackman91; 09-02-13 at 02:20 AM.
    08-26-13 08:20 PM
  6. Blackman91's Avatar
    In viewpoint if the music stops after you die just press the rom button and press run again and the music will start playing again.
    08-27-13 03:45 PM
  7. Blackman91's Avatar
    Any plans to incorporate the ability to save/load states? this feature would be really useful in long games like tophunter.
    09-02-13 05:26 AM

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