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    Hi everyone,

    Im a huge fan of the Playbook (as you may have already seen) and I am now interested in starting to write/develop some apps for educational purposes. I am a Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) and while I am currently looking for a teaching job I have been working at a Boys and Girls Club (community center) for over 10 years.

    I do not have any experience in the app scene at all, but would like to bring all my passion and knowledge to as many people as I can... and I believe the best way to do this is through creating apps which will guide students through the learning process.

    My FIRST venture will be to create an app that takes the attendance for a program with over 400 members in the database but only around 120 to 150 attending daily. There isnt really any attendance system where I work right now and it takes very long to mark off all the kids names while going through the ones that are not there. The goal is to have an app that would be able to list all the names of the members in various orders (alpha, membership number, age, gender...) and at the same time have a place to keep track of their attendance throughout the year. Also, if possible I would like there to be a section where we can track where each child goes every hour (our program is broken up into hourly 'periods') so that our management can have better insight into which members are going into which programs at which times (this last request is not a real priority as right now there are only two staff, my brother and myself, who have playbooks).

    Again, I have NO knowledge in this field but am willing to learn. If anyone is willing to help me I would greatly appreciate it because this can really improve our programming and help to serve the kids.

    (I have many ideas for apps but I thought that this would be the easiest to start with, at least in terms of explaining what I want it to do)

    Thanks in advance!
    02-14-12 12:10 AM
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    You probably want to look into either HTML5 because it's more portable (you can control a central server). Or probably Flex as an alternative.

    Unfortunately HTML5 is something I haven't touched on the PlayBook so I can't help you much there. But http://www.blackberry.com/developers is going to be your best friend. Find some allies on here too for asking questions it helps
    02-14-12 12:36 AM