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    Hi Guys
    I got a playbook a few weeks ago and there was a featured app that was a users guide that you could install through the app store. I can't find that app anymore in the app store. I have spent hours trying to find it. Anyone know what it is called? Is it still there?
    I think it was about a 200 meg download and taught you features of the playbook. I am going nuts here trying to find it again so I can install it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    12-21-11 01:11 PM
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    I think you are looking for the Blackberry Playbook Retail Content from Avoca Technologies. It's around 188MB and states that it familiarized shoppers with the multimedia capabilities of the Playbook. I haven't downloaded it so it might not be exactly what you want, but it sounds about right.
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    12-21-11 01:35 PM
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    Thanks BarracudaBob but unfortunately that is not the app I saw that was featured a few weeks back.
    The one I am looking for was more of a users guide to using the tablet and I think it had video guides for this.
    I know it's out there ;-)
    12-21-11 01:40 PM
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    If you're talking about the one with all the tutorials, the name of the App was "Discover Now!".

    Item Description
    Engage the full BlackBerry PlayBook™ tablet experience.

    Discover Now! is a free application that gives you access to interactive tablet tutorials right on your BlackBerry PlayBook™ tablet. You’ll learn how easy it is to get started and get to know your way around your tablet.

    Optimized for your use on your tablet, Discover Now! interactive tutorials are designed to let you learn on your own terms. Whenever, wherever, this app is your gateway to better web browsing, capturing prime photo opportunities or getting in on video chats with friends and coworkers.

    With Discover Now! tutorials for your tablet you get immediate access to the high-performance experience that your life demands, exclusively from BlackBerry.

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    12-21-11 02:18 PM
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    We have a bingo! Thanks very much for the help.
    I searched and searched using phrases like Playbook help or Playbook guide etc etc but without knowing the exact name it never came up in my searches.

    I also wanted this to put on a playbook that I got for a friend for xmas as I am sure he will need it.
    Wow...that was fast ...should have posted here earlier it would have saved me some serious lost time. Great forum here. thanks again
    12-21-11 02:26 PM
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    You're welcome . Seriously, RIM should thank that developer and make it a standard pre-installed app.
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    12-21-11 02:40 PM
  7. manytone's Avatar
    Well sure enough, the app is back in the featured apps carousel today ..LOL
    Good to see ;-)
    12-22-11 12:45 PM